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Downtown Revitalization

  • Turn blighted downtown neighborhood into revitalized destination for locals and visitors from around the world

  • Downtown economic expansion

  • Provide link and point of interest between SAP Arena and Downtown San Jose Core

  • Add social benefit for local residents

Historic Renovation

  • Introduced and facilitated the restoration of four Victorian homes- which was televised on HGTV Flip It to Win It.

  • Created a functioning casual Piazza surrounded by local businesses, dedicated bricks and authentic Italian landscaping

  • In the process of restoring the 1910 “Beltramo” home as the Italian Cultural Center & Museum.

  • Assisted with renovation of several homes through partnerships that are part of Historic 


Cultural Events

  • Annual Little Italy San Jose Street Festival

  • Annual Boss of the Sauce Tournament

  • Concerts

  • Cannoli Tournament

  • Ravioli Tournament

  • Wine Tasting

  • La Befana Holiday Party

  • Gala Celebrations

  • Vintage Car & Moto shows

  • Italian Art Shows & Workshops

  • Special events at Little Italy San Jose businesses


Little Italy San Jose Community Event Photo Galleries

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