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Little Italy San Jose Cultural Center & Museum will serve the entire Community!


The Mission of Little Italy San Jose is to honor the contributions of Italian-American

Immigrants to Santa Clara County by maintaining a Neighborhood, Museum and

Cultural Center where people of all ethnicities can gather, and celebrate our rich

Italian heritage & culture.


Little Italy San Jose Cultural Center & Museum

will display local Italian history, offer hands-on Italian cultural experiences, honor

the rich history of Italians settlers and leave a legacy for future generations.

For Italian-Americans

  • Italian American Historical Exhibits

  • Genealogy Research

  • Italian Language Lessons

  • Music / Art Lessons

  • Urban Garden and Valley of Heart’s Delight exhibit

  • Outdoor Piazza Event Rentals

  • Museum Gift Shop

  • Entertainment District Before & After Events

  • Bocce Courts

For Children

  • Children’s Pinocchio Village Play Area

  • Children’s Cooking Classes

  • Music / Art Lessons

  • Bocce Courts

For SAP Center Events & Sharks Fans

  • Local Italian-American Made Specialty Items

  • Pre-Game Happy Hour

  • Bocce Courts



Through generous donations and in-kind gifts, the project is under way to transform this humble home into the cultural centerpiece of Little Italy San Jose. Mille grazie to these businesses and individuals working to advance Little Italy’s mission!

Funding is still needed to fully realize this dream. You can help by making a generous Building Fund donation to help us reach our goal.

Help us build the Little Italy San Jose Cultural Center & Museum by donating :


Little Italy San Jose is a 501c3 Organization Established in 2010

Our TAX ID # is 27-3196188


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The Lencio Beltramo House, due to its architectural integrity and contribution to the urban fabric, forms an integral part of the River Street Historic District, a rare intact late nineteenth and early twentieth century working class neighborhood in San Jose. The house was constructed around 1910 and was occupied for many years by the Beltramo family.

Beltramo House History:

  • From 1910 to 1915 the house was occupied by Bardo Boxconsvich, a laborer

  • From 1915 to 1924 the house was occupied by Eugene Vinassa, who helped manage the Hotel Torino (now Henry’s Hi-Life) along with Bartolemeo Vinassa

  • Lorenzo Beltramo officially owned the house in 1924 and from 1919 to the 1950’s members of the Beltramo family lived in the house; Lencio Beltramo (a laundry worker), Mrs. Salvina Beltramo (a laundry worker and the owner of the house), and Louis Beltramo (a meat packer)

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